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I should have learned from my 6 week iPhone order... but no... the cheap laptop I purchased two weeks ago still hasn't been shipped. I emailed Daily Steals with the Tracking Number and the nonshipped status (that's all you can do. They have no phone number). They responded with the tracking number (why assign a tracking number when it hasn't shipped yet?) and said I should check the status in 3 days?? What? They've already charged my card and I've already paid that bill but I still don't have my laptop. I think they are collecting the money and then paying a wholesaler pennies on the dollar to dropship the product.

After I receive the laptop (hopefully sometime this year), I'm dropping their daily emails and sticking with Woot

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Newark, Ohio, United States #669044

Another one here for a false tracking number on a solar charger. After several emails, I finally got my refund and was told that it was an accident and it must have gotten lost before shipment actually left.

Ordered the micro fiber chocolate sheet set for my son. I had to resew all of the seems in the pillow cases and the fitted sheet after one week of the fitted sheet was supposed to be deep pocket; it wasn't even close. I sewed it up myself, because after 4 weeks of them not responding to my emails to return the item, I thought I'd better make it work.

Then ordered the double USB wall charger (2 pack). Got that one just fine and actually quite fast. Only problem is that they advertise that you can use with any USB and it has a built in protector and on and on (of course I can't get to the actual decription anymore). There is no protector. It blew my e-cig....literally. Afraid to even use the other on any device. Of course no response to those emails.

On my latest order it was the snorkeling set. I received it, but it's a junior set. I'm sure there were options between juniors and adults, but of course I can't get back to the actual listing to check things out. I'm positive I ordered Adult large. Have sent 2 emails to return it, and have not gotten any reply yet.

I'm done. I don't know what has happened this year, but I had good luck last year, except for one item (Polaroid mp3 player) took almost 3 months to get here, but it worked great, and husband likes it and is still using it. This year, it has become a *** shoot and I can't afford product gambling anymore.

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