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Update by user Aug 27, 2013

After about a month of dealing with them, I finally got a refund for the earpiece. My advice to you, if you got burned by them and need a refund/replacement - don't give up. Try and try some more.

1. Write them every 5-7 or so days. It is extremely frustrating, but they seem to have a terrible system of returning customer emails. They'll get back to you eventually.

2. Depending on who you deal with (there's generally a name at the bottom of the response), stick with that person - so just reply to the email you receive from them instead of sending a new or different one. It may just be a tiny team, if not 1 or 2 people dealing with perhaps hundreds of emails.

3. I've said it before and will say it again, don't give up. If my situation is to serve as an example, their CS isn't sharp or fast, but they seem to try.

I got my money back, so I'm a not-so-pissed consumer anymore. I haven't bothered returning the toothbrush heads and still won't consider purchasing from this site again, but it can't be that bad if I was able to get a refund.

Original review posted by user Aug 01, 2013

I'm just venting, so hear me out please.

I found daily steals recently and saw some products I thought would be a great value. This was back to back, 2 days. I'm generally smarter about online ordering but I've had so much success with other websites like this that I suppose I became numb to the cautionary tales. Usually I would have done my research, alas, I did not. Here is my story.

The first item I ordered was a Jawbone Era earpiece, being sold for 40, advertised as New with a 1 year warranty. This item retails for 70 or so, but I have seen it sold at this price before as new, so I figured that Jawbone was likely offloading stock or that Daily Steals was able to do whatever Marshalls does to be able to sell things cheaply. It was after all advertised as NEW.

The second item was 2 sets of Sonicare compatible toothbrush heads made to fit so and so varied types of Sonicare. HealthyWhites are on the list, so I figured whatever even if these aren't official, they'll still work out for me, plus the images looked pretty good.

Well, the earpiece came and lo and behold not only is it 100%, absolutely no question about it used, but it looks like it's been chewed on by a small dog or child. Paint on one side is even completely chipped, I mean the works. Contacted them about it and still haven't received a reply though it's only been 2 days. I would never, ever have ordered a used earpiece first of all - just the thought that some complete strangers (or anyone's other than mine!) cerumen in there completely grosses me out.

Beyond that though, the fact remains that they have the audacity to sell someone an earpiece that looks like it's been chewed on, this is beyond me.

The toothbrush heads, I don't mind too much. If something is too good to be true, it normally is. What is interesting is the entire description they pulled out of their #$%. Nothing on the package reflects what is shown on the website, and there is a single model number identified on the actual pack. For the record, no, it did not fit the sonicare healthywhite toothbrush.

Buyer Beware. I won't be buying from this website ever again.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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