The deals are great, but shipping time is often too long and sometimes the waiting time period to get your item shipped and then reveiced it can be a test of your patience.

I can not say that i would order from the site again, the waiting time is just not worth it.

I order this tablet on 8/28 and to this day it has not even been shipped, I have ordered 2 watches on 2 different days after that order and they have yet to be shipped.

To me it seems like daily steals is waiting for orders to come in on items that they know they can get as a certain price, get the payment for the items first and then goes and procure the items. Anyway I think the business is acting as a middleman with a very poor supply chain, there is no reason why sipping should take this long. Once the payment has cleared my bank I want the item to be shipped the next 2 business days, 3 days at the most.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Totally bizarre experience with daily steals. The last 3 times I tried to place orders, I got a message on the final page saying "not processed, non-matched credit card" or words to that effect.

Checking with my cc co. (Discover) I found that all 3 of my attempts had been approved by them.

Tried d.s's "customer service" and got a ton of nonsensical double-talk, finally being told that "I was not set up to be shipped". No one could tell me what that meant.


avoid dailysteals.com at any cost. They steal money from you and take forever to ship.

After waiting a long time even if you get your item, there is a chance that you get a defective one. they cannot get away from this and one day this racket will be stopped.

They are just trying to be smart but we are smarter than them. we dont let our hard earned money go just like that.

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