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In February, I ordered 4 Energizer Portable Chargers for a total of $7.96 with $20 shipping, total = $27.96. The items arrived with POSTAGE DUE of $5.30

I was no home, so a roomate paid the postage.

I have sent 4 emails, one every month since receipt. I am looking for a refund of the additional $5.30 charged. They knew the weight of the product when I ordered it. Our arrangement was for $27.96

I have not even received ONE acknowledgement .

It's not so much the $$$, it's the point! And to be totaly ignored on top of it!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I finally did get the $5.30 reimbursement - after proving I paid it (thank God I kept the front of the box showing postage due). There was no apology nor any explanation -- as to why it happened to begin with -- or why my emails were ignored!


The Daily Steals reply to you seems reasonable on the surface. BUT it doesn't say your refund is on the way.

It DOESN'T explain why your four previous emails went unanswered. It DOESN'T say that it regrets that you had to post your note online to get their attention.

Like other Daily Steals online posts, it makes it look like they're now going to respond. In my experience, their response may still fail to measure up.

Hope things are different for you. But even if they come through now, why did it take so long?


Please email us at and a manager will assist you further with this matter.

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